Two at a Time. The Australian Invention Re-Invented.The first jaffle maker was invented by Breville in 1974. Then a jaffle was nick named a Breville . 'brevuhl (noun) : a jaffle that is diagonally bisected.

So why don't they make them like they used to?

With durable polished stainless steel, wide sealing edges and a 3 year warranty the Original '74 brings back the quality of the past. Enjoyed by over 6 million people worldwide.

26,750 (inc. freight)
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  • Unique jumbo sized cooking plates designed for super-sized breads, puff pastry, brioche and flat breads
  • Scissor action automatically cuts and seals fillings
  • Easy clean non-stick cooking plates
  • Wide sealing edges minimises food spillage in hard to clean places
  • Cooks 2 big toasties in minutes
  • 'On' and 'Ready' lights
  • Locking latch to ensure a good seal
  • Stands upright for convenient storage
  • 3 year replacement guarantee - 1 year replacement guarantee + 2 year extended replacement guarantee if registered on line (Conditions apply)

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