As a classic yet stylish sterling silver Australian Made Opal earring set these are a wonderful gift idea. Embraced by shimmering crystals which add extra sparkle to the design, this piece of jewellery will make you stand out from crowd. These outstanding triplet opal earringsĀ are perfect for everyday wear and for any occasion.

33,475 (inc. freight)
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  • Australian Triplet Opal with clear crystal
  • Opal Size: 8 mm(Length) by 6 mm(Width)
  • Jewellery Size: 28 mm(Length) by 10 mm(Width)
  • Base: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Plating: 18K white Gold Plating
  • As each opal colour and pattern is unique and no two stones are alike, the opal you purchase may vary from the pictures shown here.

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