Over the past seven years volunteers from the Alternative Technology Associations (ATA) have travelled the length and breadth of East Timor installing solar power systems and providing lighting for hundreds of households. Donate to the ATA to support the installation of clean green energy by giving a whole solar system for an East Timorese family for only $150. You will be sent a gift card that tells what your present has achieved.

The ATA's Village Lighting Scheme aims to improve the living standards of remote communities in Timor Leste. Under the scheme each household is receiving two solar powered lights and is contributing to a community fund for the system maintenance and upkeep. The scheme is based on the recognised need that ongoing maintenance and the skilling of East Timorese people is required. Mechanisms are put in place to collect ongoing maintenance fees for reinvestment in system upkeep. The basic system used in the project is a small solar power system which powers two light bulbs inside the house.

25,000 (excl. freight)
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